Have been enjoying the new functionality and look and feel of the Nagios “addon” – Check_MK which you can find more about here. I was also looking for a faster means of implementing and so when I found a site offering a much quicker solution to implement I thought this can’t be bad.

The Open Monitoring Distribution is a effort to combine the requirements for Nagios and Check_MK in a downloadable form without some much configuration requirement.

They say

Welcome to OMD – the Open Monitoring Distribution. OMD implements a completely new concept of how to install, maintain and update a monitoring system built on Nagios.

OMD avoids the tedious work of manually compiling and integrating Nagios addons while at the same time avoiding the problems of pre-packaged installations coming with your Linux distribution, which are most times outdated and provide no regular updates.

OMD bundles Nagios together with many important addons and can easily be installed on every major Linux distribution. We provide prebuilt packages for all enterprise Linux distributions and also for some other, such as Ubuntu 11.04

So if you want a quick introduction to Check_MK – this could be the way for you