One time too many …

Well – as I wondered previously – the replacement Tytn II only had a week to get through but did it make it ? Hell no.

Three frickin’ days !

I called Orange and explained that it was a goner. The contact I had from the previous call recognised my voice and knew why I was calling.

So we did the only thing that you can when a device is not fit for the purpose and we changed to a different model.

I’m now using a lesser phone but at least it works. Its a HTC Touch Dual and I took the opportunity to get a dual sim which allows the same number on two devices. I’m currently using a Nokia handset as the secondary device which I can switch to by simply taking the Dual Touch off line.

At least I have the ability to get calls and messages if my primary handset fails or runs out of steam

Sorry Tytn II – I tried – I really did …. Goodbye for now …