Open Sesame – an RRas vpn alternative – Softether

Working with a client recently required an alternative solution for Vpn connectivity that was flexible and easy to implement and manage. The client had tried Microsofts RRas solution but found it hard to debug and administer.

Enter Softether VPN server an alternative to Open Vpn and Microsofts options. The first appeal was the graphical management interface which gave access to the majority of the settings required for the VPN the client required and a more powerful cli interface for configuration.

The client found the solution much easier to configure for users and response from the users reported a faster vpn connection and more stable and performant experience.

The solution provides for remote “teleworker” vpn as well as site to site  vans. Both l2tp and IPSec vans are supported as well as ssl vans using certificates.  It also works well with the native Windows VPN client in Windows 10 !!

For a free solution Softether is hard to beat and well worth a look if you want a flexible but easy to implement VPN solution. Go here for the downloads