Outlook 2007 And BCM – “Database creation was unsuccessful”

Setting up new pcs with Office 2007 Small business – I was surprised to see an error during installation – “Database creation was unsuccessful” when it was initialising the BCM database for contact management.

The machine was a Dell Inspiron running XP Pro (the client is getting it while still available) and Office 2007 Small business.

The problem is that the failure will keep re-appearing each time you launch outlook until you address it.

Microsofts explanation

“This problem may occur if the SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ) service is not running. The SQL Server service is required by Business Contact Manager. This problem occurs because the Windows Welcome screen may prevent the SQL Server service from starting when you first restart the computer after you install Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. ”

The solution –

1. Exit Outlook.
2. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.
3. Click Services and Applications.
4. Double-click Services.
5. In the services pane, click SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ).
6. Click Start the service – if not started (as it was in my case) or Restart if already running
7. Exit Computer Management, and then start Outlook.

Complete the BCM setup and let it register online – and no more annoying message.