Outlook 2010 and Blackberry desktop

Why are we waiting – oh why are we waiting ?

Thats be the refrain from Blackberry owners with Outlook 2010 since it was discovered that the blackberry desktop software didn’t work with it. It seems likely forever (6 months is forever in the software world – RIM) but this morning while reviewing software versions – clearing items out and building a todo list for the next few weeks that I happened to check the status of the RIM software and lo and behold – a version that supports Outlook 2010 has been released.

I’ve installed the new version and sync’ed up with my Blackberry 9000 to confirm that it does indeed see the device and so far so good. A few hangs during the synch setup but the software nows seems to be synching okay. Off to Orange now to see why the signal on their network¬† is sooooooooo poor at the moment (Has been since before Christmas in Belfast!!!) and I’ll update once the setup is functioning as expected.