Paperport new version available – not V13 – V14

I had notification today that the new release of Paperport was here. In essence its jumped from 12.1 to 14 (no unlucky 13 in software releases!) and the list of changes made me wonder what Nuance have been doing since the last release. Judging by the extract of their release you’d think huge changes but I have to wonder if the additions are worth the upgrade costs.


In their “glowing” words …

. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily access all of your documents and files from anywhere,anytime using any web-enabled device? Now you can with new PaperPort Professional 14. It features PaperPort Anywhere which lets you automatically store your desktop documents online in the cloud, and easily and securely access those documents via PaperPort Professional 14, through web browsers on both Mac and PC, and using new free PaperPort Anywhere apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. And that’s just the beginning of what makes PaperPort Professional 14 both a monumental release and an indispensable upgrade…

Introducing the most powerful, accessible and easy-to-use PaperPort Professional EVER.

In this groundbreaking new product you get:

  • NEW! PaperPort Anywhere to effortlessly scan and manage documents in the cloud
  • NEW! Nuance Cloud Connector for easy and instant access to your favorite cloud  services
  • NEW! Scan & Open  functionality to see your document in one step
  • NEW! Support for Windows right-click menus and new “Recently Viewed” and   “Recently Scanned”  navigation
  • NEW! SET enhancements for expert pre-processing image  correction
  • NEW! 62% smaller scanned color PDF files with no decrease  in character accuracy
  • NEW! 34% more accurate OCR and search results from scanned   halftone images
  • NEW! PDF  Hover Notes that provide additional PDF file details


I have to say that I like Paperport – I have used it for many versions and have introduced a lot of clients to it. However – would I suggest to them to store their documents in the cloud ? Do the size decrease and accuracy justify spending that $100 or more ? I will have to be persuaded on this upgrade I think – specifically on the Office 2010 64 bit integration. More as I investigate this ……