Pimp my PDF reader

It was a bit of a surprise when I heard from Nuance that they had released a PDF file reader. So what would make this stand out from the crowd?

Well its free – but so are the others.

Its small – so is Foxit.

Its secure – well the jury is out on pdf security

You can use its online conversion utility to  get your docs as word or excel by email – okay thats different

It can allow you to annotate pdfs – ding – score one to Nuance free product – otherwise you pay for one that can do this

You can fill forms in without an addon paid for product – ding – two points for Nuance

It works with PDF portfolios – ding – the competition are in the dust and not getting up for some time

Initial testing shows similarities with the other Nuance product – Nuance PDF convertor and speed seems quite nifty.

So I’m going to be getting to  grips with this new entrance in the PDF reader charts and I’ll be back with more info soon!!