Pop(plet) goes the weasel !

I have been trialling a new web based colloboration tool called Popplet which is due to enter open beta very shortly. I have been looking for a web based tool that would allow me to work with customers on their premises and remotely to get basic layouts of processes or projects. This application has potential for this type of work but could do with some additional functionality.

I noticed in correspondence in the last few days that  Popplet have said

 1) After the past few months of closed beta development, we will be moving to an open beta in a few weeks. What does this mean? Well, up until now, you needed an access code to create a Popplet account. Once we open the doors, anyone can join Popplet, no access code required.

 2) At last, you will be able to connect to your popplets live on the iPad from the full version

3) Collaboration on the iPad is also going live!

These developments will make a difference and hopefully we will see some further developments – different styles of popplets would be good.

Check it out here