Press Pause or the Zombies will get me ! (or how Windows 8 was launched)

The “Press Pause” bit was a comment from one of my children when asked to finish off playing on an Ipad game. It came shortly after I listened to Steve Ballmer being interviewed on Radio 4 of all places about the release of Windows 8. Thinking back to the launches of earlier o/s such as Windows 95 – I remember it because Microsoft bought all the circulation of a paper (I think it was the Times) for that day. We were part of the Windows 95 beta test and it was high excitement to get the final gold code.

Contrast that with the launch today of what could be a true milestone in Microsoft’s development legacy and what do you get? Meh. Meh Meh. Meh

The feeling that the other big players such as Apple (with its new ipad mini and ipad 4th gen) and Google (with its ubiquitous Android platform and other goodness) have been able to crowd in on Microsoft’s previous dominance leads me to think that perhaps Steve feels the same way as my son.

Perhaps Windows 8 should come with “Press Here To Stop The Zombies” tile –  I think they might need it.