Project Management – my favourite !

Project management or task management relating to teams is something that any contractor must face up to. Running multiple projects – large or small with teams of geographically dispersed teams is a fact of life. Recently as part of an application hosting project I was introduced to a web based PM tool called Teamwork Project Manager here. It has just about everything that I require for a project management tool. Really like the daily reminders and the project summary reports. This is well worth an afternoon of your time to investigate and use (there is a free option that gives you pretty much all you should want) if your role is being a formal or adhoc manager of a project who doesn’t need all of the scheduling and costing options of something like MS project 2010.

Things I would add – a visual planner – to allow scoping out of project and then allocation of tasks to the project team. A more wide ranging set of options for reporting – planned versus actual – being able to view all tasks for all team members. Perhaps a better meeting mechanism to allow whiteboarding or other brainstorming.

Having looked at so many of these products – I have to say this one just does what it says on the tin.

Off to create a bigger project plan for another client in Teamwork Project Manager of course !!