Recovering data from backup to disk folders in Backup Exec 2010

A client for whom I had configured Backup Exec including a job with a backup to disk target folder. The client had been tuning the backups and rang me to say that they couldn’t restore files from one of the backup to disk jobs. Checking the backup machine showed nothing  unusual – the user was using the correct procedures but got an error about media not found. At this point I queried if they had changed the location of the backup files. it then transpired that the backups had actually been moved elsewhere and could not easily be put back where they  were originally created.

The solution was to advise the client to create a new backup to disk location pointing where the files currently exist  and run an inventory of that B2D folder. Once the inventory completed – the user was able to run a restore job – select the file they required from the backup folders and restore to a new location. Restore from start to finish 8 seconds – user very pleased.

The end.