Return of the TyTn

Well – it was completed knackered. Not booting and not able to be reset. The Tytn II was no more…….

So I rang Orange Business and had a chat with the support team. “Dead. Defunct. Disaster” was the verdict and “which time slot would you like tomorrow for your new handset” was the next remark. Well at 11:00 o’clock the same guy that brings me every replacement handset I get appeared. We had a chat about the pros and cons of the Tytn II and he left with the carcass of the dead Tytn II.

So getting the new one set up should have been relatively easy – however the machine running Vista 64Bit didn’t like the look of this new device and refused to believe it was connected. Plugging and unplugging it – using different lead and different usb port – still not recognising it (although each connection signalled by a windows “bong”).

Finally the solution – delete all the previous pairing settings – reboot – and lo it sees it again.

A quick run through active sync settings and now all my contacts are back. For how long I don’t know but according to the Support person at Orange – they have no record of this terrible affliction I call – “Text of Death” – so lets see how long it lasts before needing reset or returned ….