Sage 2011 bank reconciliation failure due to pdf creation

Sage issue again popping up. Client reported an issue with a machine hanging during bank reconciliation. We worked with Sage – upgraded all the machines to GB Ethernet as they requested and still the performance of the reconciliation of even a small number of transactions was very poor – if it completed at all. After an extension process of ruling out the machine acting as a peer server and the network and holding the data locally – the culprit was found as the process of creating pdf versions of the transactions which contained a reference. These pdfs get created when the reconciliation runs and we noted that when turned off the reconciliations completed successfully. You’ll find the option under tools / banking options.

Note that the gotcha here is that when we restored out backup – after playing with multiple scenarios and various reconciliation tests – we had to ensure that the option gets deactivated again !!

So the issue proved to be something to do with the Sage PDF print driver but as it was not required in this environment we could safely disable.

So if your bank reconcialiations are hanging – check that the pdfs  are not being created