Salut !! Soluto – perhaps this can speed your pc boot time up

Saluto is a software application aimed at users and IT staff to find which applications affect the boot speed of a machine. You will find it here.

The premise is that you download -install the app – reboot and it analyses the load time and data (disk io) load that the applications have placed on the machine during the boot. Having seen the application in use on a client site I was keen to see what sort of information it could provide and in one case was able to make a machine boot 33% faster with a minimal change. The application does seem a little “beta” as yet (it actually does say that even though its been about quite a while) and it actually failed to install on one machine (unknown error very nicley displayed) and on another was installing when machine hung. Both machines however were exceptionally slow to boot before the installs so I wouldn’t read so much into that.

I’m hoping to see what this app can do on a very heavily loaded machine (Windows 7 64 bit with 14 GB memory and more applications than you could imagine) shortly and it may be interesting to see what the application finds and suggests.

I would not recommend at this stage simply taking the applications recommendations without someone very familiar with PCs and apps giving it the once over !!