Scouting about:

Chrome had a hectic first day – especially with reports of exploits. However there are more goodies and interesting features to play with in this speed demon. Lets look at the about: features – that you get when you type about: and one of the flags into the address bar.

Among the “about” features:

• about:memory shows how much memory the browser–and any other Web browser–is using. Conveniently for Web developers, it also shows how much each Web site in a browser tab is using.

• about:stats shows a wide range of internal measurements such as the time taken to initialize Chrome, load Gears, or perform various operations while running JavaScript programs with Chrome’s V8 engine. The page also carries the amusing note, “Shhh! This page is secret!”

Typing about:histogram into Chrome’s address bar shows many performance details.

• about:network tracks the detailed network activity of using a Web site.

• about:version shows details of what version of Chrome is running, along with the user-agent text that the browser reports when identifying itself to Web sites.

• about:histograms graphs various performance measurements such as the time taken to autocomplete text users type into the browser.

• about:crash crashes the active browser tab.