Senturion Firmware Updated to Version 2.20

Its been a while since I mentioned the latest updates for the Senturion Climate monitor but the last batch added some interesting items

03/12/09: Version 2.20 – Import/Export
Ability to save and load configuration settings
You can now export the log to .csv file
Probe history can be exported to .csv file
Test Email button added to Admin/Diag Menu
Quick setup form on initial startup
Support for RSS feed. Add Senturion probe data to RSS reader
Context sensitive help. Help screens presented are related to the page you are on

For completeness the last few update summaries are below

01/14/09: Version 2.10 – Graphing
Probe History Graphs – Javascript graph now plots your probe data
Probe name & status added to alert email subject line
When an alert is acknowledged an SNMP trap is sent, if enabled

12/15/08: Version 2.01 – Reboot Button
Added Reboot button to Admin/Diag menu
Reset Button moved from Admin/Misc to Admin/Diag menu
Changed status for disconnected probes from LOW to NC

11/04/08: Version 2.00 – Addition of RHTS.
Support now exists for Senturion Temperature/Humidity probe [New Senturion hardware only]
Visual alert on the front panel will glow yellow in the event of a network loss
Power Presence probe support fixed
Corrected an issue with Switch type probes
Support added for 2 new cameras – Trendnet TVIP-110 and TVIP-422W

04/08/08: Version 1.09 – Changes to allow for proxy authentication.
Configuration for cam TV-IP400/400W
Proxy authentication now supported
Fixed bug related to light level sensor in deep darkness