Sitting on ICloud 9 ? Not quite yet

Have been experimenting with the ICloud service and Outlook 2010. Few oddities to report.

Was convinced it wasn’t updating tasks added from the task list in Outlook but discovered it was in fact a dfferent task list created when the Icloud Control Panel for windows was installed. Note same with the calendar – so watch out for that. Also when synching up Icloud appeared to get two versions of some recurring appointments but deleting and recreating cleared that.

Also noted that the TODO bar can only show content from the “real calendar” and “real task list”. Have disable todo bar showing to provent adding tasks and not having them propogate since it was the wrong list.

So look for the “Icloud option” – tasks and calendar  – to ensure that it is picking up the correct options – and promote (move) the icloud versions to the top of the lists.

But so far so good. With the addition of the web site to allow you to manipulate the calendar and task entries – with a similar interface to the IOS versions of the apps – this means I get a full iphone/pad/outlook/web page view of my vital info and updateable from each. So good work so far Apple !!!