Skype on your Iphone ?

I was browsing for some skype api information recently and wondered if anyone had looked at Skype on the Iphone given the current “cat and mouse” games that Apple are playing with the developers out there who want to give the Iphone some real killer applications other than the preloaded ones.

Well actually there is something you can do currently. Browse to from your Iphone using safari and your be presented with a screen to enter your skype details and mobile number and a few seconds later you’ll be on line with Skype and your contacts.

if you browse from your pc you’ll get something like this…..

“Thank you for your interest in IM+ for Skype on iPhone/iPod Touch!

The URL may be accessed from iPhone/iPod Safari browser only.
If you would like to learn more about the application, please visit IM+ for Skype product page.

IM+ for Skype is also available for:

BlackBerry RIM

Windows Mobile

Palm OS

Symbian S60

J2ME Phones

To learn more about other applications by SHAPE Services please visit our website: “

Initial tests of chat seem fine – but bearing in mind that this is a subscription service (although a oneoff payment for life use can be made) – you should give it a go and see how it compares to a real Skype client.