Slow Sage Line 50 when attempting to produce cheques

This problem related to a client saying that going into the Bank option to produce cheques in Sage Line 50 was taking an extended period of minutes each time and this made cheque production virtually unusable. When  testing was complete – it showed that the network and the machine were not the problem rather that the data may have been causing issue. The client had several hundred suppliers and it was suspected that this might be part of the issue.

A blank company was created which operated without issue. A restore of data from the affected company was made and the problem returned. A test to remove suppliers improved performance but ultimately what fixed the issue was reindexing the data. No errors were found (warnings were but not relating to suppliers) and then the reindexing was completed.

The performance of the system returned to what was expected and cheques produced as quickly as required. So remember – when working with Sage – backup often – run the consistency checks – and if necessary reindex.