Speaking of 64 bittedness ..

Six emails they sent in a week … upgrade to the latest version of Dragon Dictate – benefit from the new speed and recognition features – just what you have been waiting for. Then I started looking for the supported OS for new version – searched the Nuance web site – nada.

Eventually called technical support and had the 1 minute conversation as follows

“Does the new version support Vista 64 Bit ?”
“Will there be an update that supports 64 Bit ?”
“Nope not that I’m aware of”
“Will Dragon Dictate ever run on Vista 64 Bit?”
“I haven’t heard any plans”
“Okay thanks for your help”
“Is there anything else I can help you with ?”

So no Dragon on the one machine that can eat it up and spit it out.

Bah humbug…