Spiceworks turns 4

Just released the new version of Spiceworks. Its been fun testing the various betas but its showtime now. For those that don’t know Spiceworks provides a FREE means of integrating helpdesk tools with other knowledge tools in one swish application. Web based and cable of scanning networks to detect software and hardware configurations – you should take a look. www.spiceworks.com

– in the release notes take a look at the latest goodies


* New “#” commands for the helpdesk so you can manipulate tickets from your handheld (email capable). You can now open/close/update tickets from your handheld by issuing these simple “#commands” directly to the helpdesk.
* New UI throughout the application. New info bar, status bar (at the bottom) and new toolbars throughout. Should be much more intuitive and consistent. Will improve this over time.
* New highly customizable user-portal; great for help desk users who want to unleash a custom user-portal out to their users. You can also add knowledge articles for reuse and inclusion in emails as well as via the portal.
* Beta Version of a Network Map/Layout of your environment. This tool has both a “full/map” view as well as a “hotspot/backbone” view. The backbone/hotspot view is great for just seeing the important network devices and connections to help pinpoint bottlenecks and overall usage of your network. We only support a handful of devices at this point, but you can help us flush out more, by submitting your network data to us via the Beta-Button in the upper right corner.
* Exchange 2007 support for the helpdesk. We now support many more Exchange 2007 configurations with the helpdesk/ticketing system.
* We added the ability to “cc” other users on a Help Desk Ticket. Now you can have multiple users “in the loop” as you work through their ticket(s).
* New LIcenseCompliance Plugin has been added to the community. You can download and install this plugin to your dashboard and get a neat view of your Microsoft products and how many you have “used”. You can also go in and add (manually for now) how many licenses you actually have and then the plugin will keep up with the delta over time. This shows up nicely on your Spiceworks Dashboard.
* Scanner improvements for cross domain scanning as well as Software Title consolidation (names…).
* We continue the knowledge of the community into the application in neat ways to help you become a more proficient IT Manager. You can go to the windows event view (bar charts) and now you can “Lookup” the event ids and join discussions specific to that ID and get additional knowledge about the relevance of it from other IT pros.