Stamping your sticky notes

As mentioned I use Stickies from Zhorn software and another useful feature that they have developed is the Stickies stamper from here

As they put it

Stickies Stamper creates and maintains a sticky, based on an image you choose, which counts down to an event. You might use it to keep track of how many days until your birthday, an exam, or even the end of the day

Pick an image, then choose where to put some text on it which stays up to date which Stamper is running counting down to a date and time, or instead just shows the current time.

The text can be any font you like, where you like, in any colour. You can have more than one text written to the sticky, and Stamper can keep a number of stickies updated.

The uses for this are varied – think for example of a KANBAN board or Scrum board for projects. Or just keep certain things in view for project work. The stickies application also can have alarms attached to specific stickies to keep you updated and on top of things.

So once again if you haven’t tried stickies from here – do it – you won’t regret it