Syncing your server folders to your ipad

As part of as disaster recovery strategy I have worked with several clients to utilise Trend’s Safesync cloud storage option. The advantages are that at a folder level you can decide to synchronise folders from the local file server you use in the office. As the contents change this is reflected in the cloud copy. The initial seeding of the folder can take a while but once populated this is available through the web interface or the ipad client.

If wanting to use the  ipad client – note that it not the enterprise client from the Apps store – its the business client. Once installed that just needs the logon account and password that you create when signing up for the subscription and you have the option of the personal or team folders that you have created.

So far the app has pulled one client out of a serious problem several times. So if you want a simple mechanism to give your files a safety net – try Safesync here – a trial is available