3CX come to Dublin

Down for a training day and a chance to get to meet people from 3CX – the Windows PBX company. A client is looking to move to 3CX this year and as its a substantial site they just want to go through some final reviewing and testing prior to the move. Its great to see […]

3cX beta now available

Picked this up this week ….. 3CX Phone System 11 is a major release containing many new features, improvements and bug fixes, including native 64 bit support, inbuilt Video support, numerous queue features,  improved performance and increased security with new features like Pin protection and Country blocking.   New Features in 3CX Phone System 11 […]

3cX integration options

A client asked me yesterday regarding the integration facilities of 3CX as they are exploring its use in their company. The main features to point out would be the Myphone web based interface allowing changes to the operation of the users extension and redirection services. This runs off the same web as the main 3CX […]

3cx Cloud edition

An interesting development on the 3cx product for resellers how are currently or wish to host clients PBX requirements on their own equipment. The cloud edition allows you to consolidate ten clients on one server. A very interesting proposition for those working with multi tenanted buildings needing flexible and easily deployed solutions that change rapidly. […]

3cx V10 Service pack 6 available

Great to see latest update to 3cx with the release of SP 6 – full details about it are shown below. I’m hoping that it will resolve a few small issues I have been experiencing during testing. 3CX is pleased to announce a new release of 3CX Phone System 10, build 24018 – Service Pack […]

3cx version 9 upgrade – complete

I completed an upgrade of a demo 3cx version 8 windows based PBX today. Main things that impressed me were the speed of the upgrade – a few minutes and the ease of backing up the config and restoring using the wizard. The system was back up and operational in a few minutes. The main […]