Chrome browser now on IOS

Yep – your favourite fast light browser is now on Ipad and Iphone. It is great to have a mainstream alternative to Safari when using Apple devices. So far I have found it fast and reliable – just head to the Apple store and download – you will be up and running in seconds.

Polishing the Chrome

The latest incarnation of the Google Chrome browser is fast – really fast and it brings some joy back to browsing again.  Get it here and see for yourself what this free browser for XP, Vista and Windows 7  has to offer. To me its simplicity and speed  (and reliability) have a a lot to […]

Scouting about:

Chrome had a hectic first day – especially with reports of exploits. However there are more goodies and interesting features to play with in this speed demon. Lets look at the about: features – that you get when you type about: and one of the flags into the address bar. Among the “about” features: • […]