Fitbit tips – keep on running !!

Two recent issues with a Fitbit Surge (watch) lead me to write up these two tips This issue had arisen when I went to check the status of the fitbit and my Iphone to see what pairing was in place – more about that in a moment. I then realised that I couldnt access the […]

Will 8 Be Gr8 ?

With the announcement of the next release of IOS – version 8 the speculation is around what additional functionality and integration will be included. The major “areas” that IOS8 seeks to address appear to be   Home and Health Input and messaging Photos Siri   I suspect that there will be a roll call of […]

I’m feeling drained …

News is seeping out (if thats a good description) of a problem with the ios 6.0.2 update. Seems that the battery life is being hit by a bug in the wireless aspect of the operating system. From some of the reports it seems quite agressive and may actually reduce your battery life between charges. Given […]

Chrome browser now on IOS

Yep – your favourite fast light browser is now on Ipad and Iphone. It is great to have a mainstream alternative to Safari when using Apple devices. So far I have found it fast and reliable – just head to the Apple store and download – you will be up and running in seconds.

Licensing and the cost of application development

I attended a presentation of a toolset to facilitate IOS native app development with domino data access today and was working through the practicalities and costs of implementing an application based on this technology and Domino Xwork server. Given the license implications per app and per annum that seem to be the norm with development kits […]

Itunes 10.5 is here – get ready for IOS5

The release of itunes that supports Icloud and wifi sync is upon us. With IOS 5 support and the other speed and stability improvements – this release gets us ready for the imminent delivery of the new improved IOS. The upgrade is pretty painless and is well worth getting in place before the IOS update […]