IOS5 looking good

Have been looking at the range of changes and additions that are coming in the next IOS release probably in september. Most are small but overall it seems that the OS for Ipad and Iphone is maturing and becoming a bit less “gadgety” and a bit more “businessy”. I’m glad to hear the suggestion that […]

A month with an Ipad

The last month has been an interesting test. I set myself a few questions when I got it. 1) How much would you use it and for what ? 2) Would it replace you laptop or desktop ? 3) Is it worth it ? So after the first month heres what I found 1) It […]

Does your amp go up to 11 ?

A part of enjoying an ipad for recreational use – heres one for you axe players out there.  The Peavey ampkit link is a small box with a lot of potential. Basically its  a high fidelity audio interface for the iPhone, iPod touch* and iPad. (*note not 1st gen touch). ** This would be great as […]

Keep taking the Tablets

Okay I had to tie my hands to the desk on Friday to stop me ordering an Ipad. It ticks all the boxes for a tool to help facilitate the endless reading of manuals and reference materials that comes with working across so many IT areas. I reckoned that in one day alone I acquired […]