I’m feeling drained …

News is seeping out (if thats a good description) of a problem with the ios 6.0.2 update. Seems that the battery life is being hit by a bug in the wireless aspect of the operating system. From some of the reports it seems quite agressive and may actually reduce your battery life between charges. Given […]

Find my Iphone – not in a forest

A recent temporary loss of an iphone showed the flaws in the Find my Iphone app. Having had a number of devices registered to the Icloud – when one went missing it was an opportunity to test the app for real. However – then you see the issues. No signal on the device means no […]

Iphone 4s finally arrives

After yesterdays announcement we have a new arrival. You’ll be able to pick on up in a week or two. So whats new or useful ? Dual core A5 chip – should make a difference to the sometimes juddery performance 8 MP camera – with 1080P HD video – could be handy in some circumstances […]