Linux gets Armed

With the latest Linux 3.7 kernel some major changes are in order. In particular, the support for ARM technology has finally arrived. What this should mean is the appearance of Linux on many more tablet and portable devices. The main reason we haven’t seen Linux on these devices is simple: supporting the various ARM processor derivatives […]

Ubuntu – is it all that?

Just upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 from 11.10 and the process was painless. I’ve been using Ubuntu from release 4.10 for which support finished in 2006 so it must have been released around 2004. In the early days upgrades were a bit of a lottery but of course at that stage PC’s were not the state […]

No idle chattr !

Chattr is a Linux utility that allows you to change file and directory attributes. Normally you would use it to change files so that they cannot  be easily damaged or overwritten. However you may find yourself needed a tool like this if you have had a rootkit installed on a Linux server. One of the […]