Scareware – the latest wheeze

A parent reported a problem with a childs netbook to me. A distraught child had found on booting the machine that it had launched an application which claimed they had visited sites and viewed pornography and that the Metropolitan Police were aware of this behaviour. The user was told that if they entered credit card […]

Are we in Morto(l) danger ?

Dealing with malware on a fairly regular basis – its no surprise to see a subtle change in the approach used by the applications to “phone home”.  A recently discovered threat –  Morto – more info here targets RDP as a means of infiltrating remote machines and spreading itself. The interesting thing is that rather than […]

Wise up

From a Microsoft site this morning … Home RSS&WT.rss_a=More RAM please: Add memory to your computer&WT.rss_ev=a RAM: Add more memory to your computer Your computer is a little like your physical work area. The hard drive is the filing cabinet where you store your documents, and memory—or RAM (random access memory)—is the desk where […]