OWA 2007 signatures with an image

I’ve been asked about this several times and have written about the size limits on signatures set up in the OWA web client. A client asked this morning about how to include a logo along with their owa web signature DISCLAIMER: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, AUTHOR ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE USE OF THIS […]

OWA signature length issue

A client  who was changing their email signatures wanted to standardise on the same sigs for Outlook based and OWA users. Then OWA started to complain that the signature was too big. On checking I realised that the default 2007 limit is quite small 4K but that with a registry change it could be increased […]

Images in OWA 2007 signatures

Outlook web access does not allow the inclusion of images by default. However it is possible to embed the image within the signature. First upload the image you wish to include to a web server and make a note of the full path. ie, http://www.yourdomain.com/images/companylogo.jpg. Then create a new signature in Outlook and ensure the […]