Steve Jobs

Second time lucky?

The second film about Steve Jobs is due later this year and this one is shaping up to be somewhat more promising than the last which you can see here Based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, the screenplay’s been written by Aaron Sorkin, and is directed by Danny Boyle. The other big names include […]

Goodbye Steve and Thank You !

It was sad to hear that Steve Jobs has passed away so young. He has been a larger than life character in the IT field since I started in the 1980’s and has never failed to bring something to the show every time that he was in the headlines. I am so sorry that his […]

Life without Steve

At a recent social gathering – the subject of Steve Jobs and Apple came up. Interesting to see how far Apple and Steve have penetrated the general population rather than just the IT crowd. The topics ranged over the Apple approach to products and “innovation” through the previous history of Apple and some of the […]