Trilead VM Explorer

VM Explorer 4.1

Another release of the Trilead Backup tool brings new features which are more than welcome. Although I deal primarily with VMWare and relatively little with Hyper-V due to its lack of penetration in the local market – its good to see improved support for it. Support  for Hyper-V 2012 server File level restore for VHDX […]

Trilead 4.1.004 update – make sure you check the incremental backups issue

An important issue is addressed in the latest Trilead VM Explorer release 4.1.004 Trilead announced … New support for ESX/ESXi 5.1 838463 – which keeps current with the latest changes but more importantly – Implementation of VMware’s workaround to avoid VDDK library issue, which could compromise incremental backups as described in the known issue from […]

VM Explorer allows file recovery via web browser from your vm backup

Trilead have announced the release of VM Explorer 4.1. VM Explorer 4.1 offers the possibility to restore and download any files from your backups using your web browser. No software needs to be installed on the client computer. This release adds full support for ESXi/vSphere 5.1. In addion many enhancements for Microsoft Hyper-V Server have […]

VM Explorer 4 released

From the developers of Trilead VM Explorer – the final release of 4 The new release introduces fully integrated support for Microsoft Hyper-V server (backup, restore and replication). The two-in-one integration comes without any additional costs to the customers. At the same time, VM Explorer® 4.0 remains simple and reliable. In this way, if the […]

More changes with Trilead V4 RC

The main new features of VM Explorer 4.0 RC are: Hyper-V Backup/Replication: Now you will be able to backup/replicate your Hyper-V  Virtual machines in the same way you did with VMware VMs – levels out playing field File level restore for VHD disks – good to see this Added  ability to log scheduled task result in Windows […]

Trilead VM 4.0 Beta 2

As mentioned recently the Trilead backup solution adds a number of new features in the second beta release of V4 out today. Specifically ……. Added possibility to run  scheduled task every # hours Added possibility to log scheduled task result in Windows Event Logs Added possibility to choose management console port (HTTPS) for ESX/ESXi or  vCenter I […]

Trilead Vm Explorer update

I see that my favourite ESX backup tool has had an update. Looks like one of the fixes will resolve an issue I found with a client’s installation VMX 3.7.029 New support for ESX & ESXi 4.1 582267 Fixed vCenter refresh problematic Fixed problematic related to non latin Characters Fixed file level restore copy issue […]