Vsphere 5 – whats new ?

Have been digging around a bit deeper to see what the changes are in the new VMware Vsphere 5 release. I suspect there will be a few more articles around this but initially … my comments in brackets Vmware say vSphere 5.0 continues to build on the rich set of capabilities provided in vSphere 4.1. […]

Acronis 11 Virtual Edition arrives

The latest release of Acronis Backup and Recovery Virtual edition has arrived.  Great to have a tool supporting Vmware and HyperV. I’ve already had a run through the trial. The setup is pretty good at getting the appropriate bits installed in the correct order. Its great to see all your vms popping up with auto […]

vCenter XVP Manager and Converter – manage non vmware hosts from Vsphere !!

Just noticed that VM labs have released something that will appeal to those of us managing or testing various flavours of hypervisor platforms but that have a vsphere focus VMware vCenter XVP Manager and Converter provides basic virtualization management capabilities for non-vSphere hypervisor platforms towards enabling centralized visibility and control across heterogeneous virtual infrastructures. It […]

First Windows 7 64 BIT casualties

First two things broken by the upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista 64 BIT. 1) Windows Yammer client – removing and reinstalling for that 2) Vmware vsphere client and the  well known windows 7 issues with earlier clients here Did some checking and the latest client 4.0.0 build 208111 from www.vmware.com will solve the problem without […]