WordPress improvements in 3.2.4

Just a quick review of some interesting  changes – from the updated 3.2.4 platform Live theme previews Try on New Themes Gone are the days of rushing to update your header, background, and the like as soon as you activate a new theme. You can now customize these options before activating a new theme. Note: […]

WordPress 3.4.2 update out

The latest update to wordpress (3.4.2) may address some problems that I have have seen on occasion. The release announcement lists … Fixes some issues in the admin area where some older browsers (IE7, in particular) may slow down, lag, or freeze. Fixes an issue where a theme may not preview correctly, or its screenshot […]

WordPress 3.4 is here – update time again

WordPress 3.4 is here. They have dubbed this release “Green” in honor of guitarist Grant Green This release includes significant improvements to theme customization, custom headers, Twitter embeds, and image captions. The developers say that the main changes are  … For Users The biggest change in 3.4 is the theme customizer which allows you to play around […]

Instant WordPress on a USB stick!

Whilst researching some how-to’s on WordPress I came across a free piece of software called “Instant WordPress”. One of the claims it made was to be able to run WordPress from a USB key! That’s quite a claim I thought so I downloaded the software from Instant WordPress and gave it a go. I installed the software on […]

WordPress 3.3.2 update

Three external libraries included in WordPress received security updates: Plupload (version 1.5.4), which WordPress uses for uploading media. SWFUpload, which WordPress previously used for uploading media, and may still be in use by plugins. SWFObject, which WordPress previously used to embed Flash content, and may still be in use by plugins and themes. WordPress 3.3.2 […]

Blank WordPress Admin page

A client phoned to say that they could view their WordPress site but when trying to access the admin page www.mysite.com/wp-admin they just got a blank page – nothing, nowt, zilch! Even when looking at the source code for the page it gave the useful output of “1” and that was it. There’s a lot […]