Testing Gutenberg, Handy Snippets, WP Workshop & WP Events @ Belfast WordPress Meetup

This month’s WordPress meetup covered a range of topics. Mark Smallman  guided the meeting through the use and potential of Gutenberg as a new block based editor for WordPress. He showed some of the functionality and advised looking at the examples as well as taking on board potential issues with the new plugin especially in existing sites.

Covering the development of a starter theme – based on features Mark builds into his sites showed the types of functionalities that can be added and removed – as well as the better understanding of the operation of wordpress themes. The topic then moved on to a range of handy code snippets and tailored elements in his theme that can be stored for code reuse in other projects. A discussion of Github and Gists in the context of WordPress development followed.

A free range discussion came next which I found very useful when describing a project I am starting which will use  custom posts and advanced customs fields which Mark ably demonstrated on sites he has developed – showing the scope and complexity possible using the ACF plugin. I personally find the freeform nature of the discussions at  this meetup  very useful for getting information and clarification and wide ranging in their nature. Seeing the features demonstrated and explained in context with real sites is by far the best method I’ve seen at meetups.

The final stage of the meeting covered the upcoming WordPress Wordcamp in Dublin later this year and as I can exclusively report – the start of planning for a Wordcamp  event for Belfast in 2018 that will build on the experience  from 2016. You can see the details of the last Belfast Wordcamp here

More about both of those events as details become available

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