That nesting instinct

I have come across this several times in both projects and when I have been pasting info from the web into a rich text field in a Notes application. The error you get is “Nesting depth Limit for tables exceeded”. It was useful to find the definitive answer on the actual number (since looking at the source is the only other way to find the number of nestings). This is especially a pain when its happening under program control i.e in your xpages or Notes application so you have been warned.



The maximum number of nested tables allowed in a document in Lotus Notes®
client is 8. It is hard-coded into the source at this value. What happens when this maximum is exceeded?


Exceeding the number of allowed nested tables can lead to 2 situations:

1. If the document is being saved in the Notes client user interface (UI) the following error message occurs:

    “Nesting depth limit for tables exceeded.”

2. If the document is created programmatically then it can be saved with a total number of nested tables that is greater than 8. However, the above will error when it is opened by a client.

Refer to the documents cited below for more information on limitations in Notes.

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