Thats two things

I was going to say that I had a good time with the IDOSphere sessions yesterday afternoon and into the night and finished work on a high note – watching David Leedy’s session and getting some good ideas and that it was one good thing  !! How surprised was I this morning when an email popped into my inbox and delivered another xpages goody – thats two things. The goody in question is a free notes client based course from TLCC on xpages !!

The email basically says …

Ready to learn XPages? TLCC has a new no-charge course to introduce experienced Notes developers to XPages. See for yourself how XPages will change the face of Domino development and breathe new life into thousands of existing Notes applications. Introduction to XPages Development is a two hour self-paced course that you will do right in the Notes client and Domino Designer. There are many demonstrations and activities done right in the Domino Designer 8.5 client to provide hands-on practice in developing Domino applications. The course covers:

  • An introduction to the Domino Domino Designer in Eclipse (DDE)
  • Working with the Applications Navigator and creating Working Sets
  • How to use the Eclipse Perspectives, Views and Editors
  • Creating XPages for your application
  • Displaying Domino views and documents on XPages
  • Using the XPages Core controls for creating and editing Domino documents
  • Demonstrations to show you the power of advanced XPages techniques and capabilities

To download this new no-charge course go to:


and just to pour some cream on this offer – they link to David Leedy’s cheat sheet

David Leedy from has created an XPages cheat sheet that you can print out. This excellent resource includes many useful tips on working with XPages.

To get the pdf version of the XPages cheat sheet go to:

So what are you waiting for – sign up and download – you know you want to !!!!