The case of the invisible Office 2010 starter edition

A client recently ordered a laptop from a well known PC maker. They specified Office 2010 Starter edition on the order and had it confirmed on the invoice. However there was no Office 2010 on the laptop and the problem then arose that the starter edition can no longer be downloaded.

On contacting the account manager who serviced the order I was told two different links which both reseult in needing a serial number for Office 2010 to install. Although we are still waiting for a resolution on this issue – its important to know that your rights as a consumer cover you for this eventuality. The problem is that you may not wish to enforce it. You could request your money back as the machine delivered is not as ordered. In this case we are hoping that the account manager can resolve the matter with a license key. The supplier could do worse than updating their ordering system to stop Office 2010 starter edition from appearing as an option.