The ordinal 2821 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32 error

This error began after every reboot after an update on a Vista 64 Bit machine. It even mentions the program that “generates” the error – Popup.exe in the Dell SAS Raid Storage directories. Well the problem is fairly straightforward – there is a conflict in the version of the libeay32.dll from the openssl package. The difficulty is that you can have multiple copies of the dll on your machine from various installations and packages.

Luckily I got a break when searching for the versions of this file and its companion ssleay32.dll. You must ensure that you are searching all of the folders on the machine to get the copies that are in system and hidden folders. In my case the copy of the file causing the problem is in the windowsSYSWOW64 folder.

This folder is used by 64Bit Microsoft OSes. These x64 Windows operating systems run 64-bit code natively but can also run 32-bit code through the use of an integrated emulator called Windows on Windows 64 (WOW64).

The version that I replaced it with came from the same machine – and a package that I knew was relatively recent but you can download from the web if required (search on Openssl). This ensured I could return to previous configuration – I renamed the dlls that I was replacing first and then copied in the new ones into the SYSWOW64 folder.

A reboot and check of the popuplog.log for the Dell Sas megaraid controller showed the software had started and registered itself correctly.