The strange case of a Sata card and “not enough server storage to complete process” when mapping drives to shares

The backgound was a client had installed a sata raid card with two disks in a mirrored pair on a Windows XP SP3 machine. The machine in question had several folder shares on it and quite reasonably the user though that once the disks were raided on the new controller that the users who access the shares via mapped drives would have no issues. However the truth of the matter was that once the machine had been reconfigured and booted – any attempt to map a drive to the shares was greeted with a message

Not Enough Server Storage Is Available To Process This Command

The solution in this case is to add a registry key on the machine serving out the shares.


 Backup your registry  first if you are not sure what you are doing !!

using regedit open the following entries


Check for the presence of a key named IrpStackSize. If it doesn’t exist, create it as type DWORD. With the base set as decimal enter the value 25 (the default is 15 but this did not work when tried).


Reboot the machine and then you will be able to map drives without an error. Enjoy.