Time For Java

I attended one of the Learning Tree Anyware training courses on Java last week. This is an office or home based method of attending the training course rather than going on site to a training location. This is the third I have been on and there are pros and cons for attending remotely. Interruptions can be an issue at times – if you can try to keep them to the breaks within the course that’s great as it is possible to lose track especially during technical discussions.


That said – I would definitely recommend the Anyware format – which is best experienced with two screens – to allow you to follow the presenter and work on labs as well. The provided headset and materials are very good and they arrive well in advance of the course to allow you to review and prepare as required.


The company provide a wide range of courses from application specific Exchange through Business Modelling to Java programming. You can find the company site here and there are various offerings for new companies. Bear in mind that training courses can be tailored and delivered on site – this could be a competitive way of bringing a team up to speed for projects.


Specifically regarding the Java course last week – I would have to call out for Mark Thomas – the instructor. His delivery and knowledge was exceptional and his background stretching back to a time when Java and similar tools did not exist help bridge the gap for me and others on the course coming from a more procedure programming background. The range of subjects covered was good and I think everyone left the course knowing a lot more about Java programming and where to go next on their Java journey.


My own interest relates to Xpages development and integration but the course showed the sheer breadth of the Java landscape and the current state of the language. All lot is currently happening in the Java sphere and more in on the way. So off now for another cup of ….. coffee.