TLCC XPages and Dojo Controls TackItOn

This was added as an additional day on the end of the ICON UK conference and was limited to 8 attendees and the presenter Paul Withers from Intec. He guided us through the course content but more importantly was able to clarify concepts and gotchas that can serious hamper your xpages development.

Situated in the Eugenie Room in the Grand Hotel Brighton – the course had enough pace (and enough breaks to recover) to deliver a lot of information in a relatively short time and also prepare the attendees to work through the supplied course at their own pace.

It was great to see a group of committed developers at this stage in their xpages work getting to grips with some of the great advantages the platform has to offer.

As always Paul was uber knowledgeable and approachable (sorry for some many questions but you know so many answers Paul) – look forward to the next opportunity to learn from such a dedicated Xpages developer.