Transfixed by the solenoid

Recently after replacing the lamps in my venerable Phaser 860 I had a paper jam issue. The page would print correctly but would stop just before falling into the paper output tray on top of the printer. Cleaning the rollers just inside the front panel where they feed the paper out of the printer had no effect.

Speaking to a contact online I was advised that the issue could be the transfix solenoid. Looking at the schematics made me wonder if this was going to be a fiddly job since it appeared that the metal bar that the solenoid is behind was going to be awkward to remove because of the number of connections. However I discovered that by removing three screws – 1 holding the solenoid to the metal plate and two holding the metal plate to the printer – the solenoid could be released (after disconnecting the two blue wire connector that links it to the circuit board). The solenoid is located on the right hand side of the printer – remove the cover and look for the grey metal plate near the top about halfway across the printer.

The solenoid is a small component about an inch tall and consists of a magnet, a metal plate in the shape of a spade with a small right angle bend at the top and a spring on the other end to return the plate to its position when current is not present.

Fitting a spare from a scrapped 860N was just the reverse – one thing to advise though is screw the solenoid back to the plate first – connect its power cable and seat the solenoid arm on the plastic wheel below it – this makes the final stage of making sure the clutch to the right of the plate is engaged to the plate before screwing the left screw into the plate and making final adjustments with the last screw which has some leeway to adjust the plate.

Powering on the printer with the left side panel re-attached gave the desired result and several hundred pages after the printer has not jammed once.

If you need to locate a new one – contact Whitman Rinaldo at ItemInc and ask for part number 148-0301-01