Travelling with EE 4G

As part of daily work the requirement to be able to provide remote support and keep in touch has become more and more important. I have never found mobile carriers to be completely reliable or provide enough coverage across the area that I work so after consideration I decided to trial the EE 4G service through an Osprey mobile wifi device. So far its been quite interesting – almost every site I have visited has 4G if only 1 bar in some cases. As part of the trial I will be testing the speed and reliability of the 4G signal – but so far I am quite surprised by the initial results.

I also have some travel lined up so that will be the final part of the test to see if the service travels well too. The device is remarkable easy to set up and I acquired it through Currys and was able to walk out with a working solution as the sim and the activation were all done in store. The tests will be mostly in the greater Belfast area and UK mainland.

In discussion with other EE phone users – it has been interesting that certain conditions can prevent EE service – hopefully we will get some experience with this and what can be done