Trilead VM Explorer 3.7 update – some new features

I got a very welcome email in my inbox this morning which detailed anew release of my favourite ESX backup tool Trilead VM Explorer.

According to Trilead the main new features of VM Explorer 3.7 are:

  • Replication  task: Now you can replicate your VM to another ESX
  • File Level Restore: Restore a single file from one of your Backups (NTFS, FAT and EXT are supported)
  • Start Custom Script: Now you can add a custom script to execute while running a backup job

They  added a new Wizard to help you to restore any backup

  • New possibility to disable a single task element
  • Configure  your default e-mail settings which can be reused for every task
  • Configure your default local directory for backups

I am so happy to see this today as one of the features – the replication – might win a new project for me. Great news.