TYTN IV (well actually TYTN II just the 4th one I have)

So man in a van did arrive – 5 to 9 this morning. Some quick barcode scanning and I had another white box containing a new TyTN II handset thrust into my sweaty palm. So anyone like to hazard a guess as to how long this one might survive – given that the time between arrival and failing is getting less each time – this one might just see the week out if things go as before?

Researching the particular issue I have found leads me to think it is something particular to the setup of the phone once its synchronised and has some data on it. However the irony is that the last two have had a standard configuration – no additional software – just a memory card. A handset is pretty far gone when it cannot hard reset ??

So watch this space for the next terrifying episode of “Text of Death” ……