UKLUG finally arrives

By the time you read this I’ll be on my way to Madchester (sic) for the UK Lotus User Group 2011 (UKLUG). I’m really looking forward to meeting up with some colleagues to discuss Xpages and other technologies that can be used to leverage solutions for clients. The UKLUG is a free event and promises quite a number of sessions that I hope to attend – in fact my first cut of selecting sessions has me busy from the start to the end of the two days !!! The agenda is here and I’m glad to see that link is in fact an xpage.

I hope mainly that an opportunity to discuss issues that have been raised by myself and colleagues will present itself and that I will be able to benefit from the experience (painfully) gained in terms of the mechanics of xpage development and hosting and licensing. If the attendence is anything like ILUG 2010 in Belfast this promises to be a busy and intense two days – with plenty of ideas to bring back.

I certainly sense that a lot of small developers are still hovering over the notion of using xpages to (re)develop Notes domino based data and the main issue appears to be the creation of training materials and skills transfer. The Mastering Xpages book provides a lot of material as to the mechanics of xpage applications but I would suggest that an additional “Xpages Cookbook” (TM) would help to get  developers past the initial “Heres my simple xpage app” to “look at this new feature that makes this app stand out from all the other web apps”.

You never know – perhaps thats something that could be used to broaden the developer pool. Perhaps I meet even meet someone at UKLUG capable of the cookbook challenge.


You can find out more about UKLUG here although I don’t know if they are still taking registrations – but if they are you should think about the opportunity that this event provides !!