UKLUG – part deux

The second day of UKLUG in Cardiff – followed an interesting end of play yesterday – which included a Tardis and a moving Dalek. Some great sessions – notably on xpages mobile controls and the super Padawan Guide to the Dark Side of Xpages with Tim Tripcony and Paul Withers. A deep dive into the Xpages Extensibilty API by Rene Winkelmeyer exposed an area of Xpages development I had not yet given much thought to. Rene managed to get across what is a technical difficult area but potentially very very powerful element of the xpages development infrastructure.

A final good humoured final session controlled by Warren Elsmore – gave a chance to thank those who make the unique event possible – the helpers and sponsors. Many goodies were issued and I hink everyone went away from the event with the knowledge that the final pieces of the puzzle are nearly in place. Some reflection on the future of xpages will likely show that this is the crossroads that we knew was coming.

Some frank speeches including Susan Bulloch and Uffe Sorenson should alert those that think IBM do not have the determination to see Xpages and the social aspect succeed – take note. Its here and they are serious.