Unknown devices after reinstalling Windows 10 on Dell Precision M3800

If you are familiar with the Dell Precision M3800 – you will remember that is a touch screen enabled laptop that was popular a few years ago but suffered from poor battery life due the relative slimness of the casing. Recently I decided to refresh my M3800 for a project where the screen size and lightness made it an ideal candidate. It was in need of a few enhancements – faster drive – more memory and soon an enhanced battery. As part of the refresh a fresh installation of Windows 10 was need but after using the Dell support site to update the missing drivers I noted that I still had three unknown devices. Luckily I had access to a second unit to compare and contrast the devices that were present. Surprising the Dell command Update app and the support site didn’t seem to know what the devices were and googling didn’t seem to give me any good results.

So the three items that weren’t detected were

  • The Bluetooth driver
  • The card reader
  • and the Airplane Switch mode

The first and third  required drivers are actually on the Dell support site listed as Intel Bluetooth Network Driver  and Dell Airplane Mode Switch Driver

and the card reader driver was located at https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/19417/realtek-card-reader-driver-for-windows-10-windows-11-for-several-intel-nuc-product-families.html

Just download and install and your unknown devices will be no more